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The consumer goods industry is offering a plethora of innovative products to meet an ever-growing array of human needs and desires. Consumer goods margins are very tight with higher prices for raw materials for packaging, shipping costs. Additionally, we are in an era of omnichannel commerce, where consumer behavior is changing rapidly in unexpected ways and ever-evolving. Retail and consumer product companies must get better at anticipating and responding to new consumer needs and preferences. The companies need to reimagine how to engage with consumers in very different, more targeted, and niche oriented ways.

ICURO artificial intelligence (AI) platform is a low-code adaptive engine with a portfolio of prebuilt machine learning assets connecting retailers and consumer goods manufacturers ecosystem. The hardware optimized assets for product innovation lifecycle and performance scorecard continuously monitors the business and platform indicators and provides feedback for continuous model evolution and adaptation.

Adaptive AI Platform For Consumer Products

The adaptive intelligence platform for consumer products ecosystem empowers retailers, manufacturers, and supply chain logistics to make insightful decisions at different stages from product innovation to shop floor to consumption. The platform leverages data based on commerce transactions at outlets. Each outlet needs specific personalized offers to consumers as consumers are demanding owing to the influence of social-economic dynamic fluctuations. Precise suggested orders will enable long term relationships through intrusion free, hassle free and quality products and usage. This is made possible by augmented intelligence from product innovation to purchase at every stage for every stakeholder. This improves production quality, purchase patterns, cognitive decision making and reduced recalls. This experience is delivered by an intelligent workflow of the consumer lifecycle from product innovation to shopping.

Consumers Path-to-Purchase

The AI platform brings in consumer interactions about the products and services, analyzes and correlates real-time data of consumer sentiment and competitive positioning from social media and other critical data sources. The reinforcement learning AI system developed by ICURO learns from deep consumer engagements and market context. The predictive intelligence measures the health metrics of consumers from loyalty economics and cost of bad experiences.

Our AI systems are helping retailers stay ahead of the curve by engaging with consumers in a personalized way across multi channels. The algorithm prescribes value to the consumers, implements timely market promotions, and analyzes success in real time predictive marketing.

  • Bringing in external data sources such as shopper footfall, weather, demographic, and regional to create consumable models for context specific decision
  • Loading consumer data from retailer and production sites to generate context specific recommendations
  • Model outcomes enable better context specific data-driven decision such as purchase owing to seasonality and promotions

Multimodal Ecosystem

Ecosystem interplay through consumer product innovation metaverse and digital omnichannel are the key underpinnings of growth for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. The streamlined logistics for identifying the right product at the right place at the right time is also essential for the enterprises in this industry ecosystem. The shopper centric supply chain supports omnichannel growth and is focused on integrating with retail to improve consumer driven forecasting, inventory management, packaging design, and fulfillment. The omnichannel models aids in offering real-time guidance to manufacturing and packaging. The multimodal AI engine offers the following features.

  • Consumer centric insights from consumer purchases online, offline, and other channels
  • Metaverse for 3D product innovation and consumer experience simulation, supply chain modeling for demand forecasting, inventory management, and production optimization
  • Integrates streaming data from sensors at outlets, production sites, warehouses provide details on shipping logistics
  • Aggregates and analyzes data through accelerators from consumer interaction data, third-party data, and other critical data sets

360-degree Observability

The confluence of trends, disruptions, and shifting behaviors is giving consumers growing power over retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.  The market dynamics for pricing, availability, brand analytics on brand-based consumption, product packaging and marketing, retail marketing analytics provides a 360-degree view to all companies in this industry ecosystem and act on customer captivating analytics. Personalized consumer and retail experience through new product incentives, standardization approach across brands, production efficiency, trend analytics, reduced recall, purchase optimization, and inventory efficiency.

  • Bringing in context data and market data to understand consumer information by building targeted intelligence in shopping behavior
  • Dynamic recognition of new channel emergence and its relevance to consumers and determine plans of action for product placement for pricing and recommendations and thereby enabling them to be on top of market trends
  • Shopper-engagement analytics to achieve the dual goal of strengthening loyalty and understanding region approved consented data.

Smart Factory Automation

The edge intelligence platform developed by ICURO consists of hardware, software and data derives real-time intelligence that can actuate robots on retail floor and warehouse automation robots. Edge includes visual guidance to enable factory shop floor for production optimization and seamless shopping experience. Edge enables plant optimization for forecasting and dynamic outreach to offer new product offerings, reduced turnaround times for product launches, and supply chain telematics insights. Shopping experience enables product discovery in a quick manner at retailer sites based on edge analytics. The key features of edge intelligence platforms include the following.

  • Visual guidance enabled by visual inspection model deployed in edge for precision recommendations
  • Edge optimized models determine brand movements for retailer to position brand products at right shelf
  • Machine learning models on product movements to determine product upselling and inventory managers
  • Purchase behavior at POS for product analytics to determine brand movement, retention, recalls to plan production, turn-around times, and supply chain analysis

Strategic Partners

Alliance Partner of Intel, the global leader in personal computer processors and server processors. Thousands of companies across industries are making artificial intelligence (AI) breakthroughs using existing systems enhanced with Intel® AI technologies. Through built-in hardware acceleration and optimizations for popular software tools, the AI workflow is now streamlined from data ingest to deployment at scale. For innovators using AI to take on great challenges, Intel is clearing the path forward to scale AI everywhere.

As an Alliance Partner, ICURO has extended Intel AI capabilities with advanced machine learning techniques and robotics powering enterprise use cases in retail and consumer goods manufacturing industry ranging from global consumer packaged goods company to global retailers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Premium Member of NVIDIA, the global pioneer in accelerated computing in artificial intelligence and computer graphics transforming industries valued at more than $100 trillion, from gaming to healthcare to transportation, and profoundly impacting society. NVIDIA Omniverse is a multi-GPU scalable end-to-end platform that enables enterprises to innovate products in a 3D virtual environment. It offers a platform for creating and operating metaverse applications.

As the AI Premium Member, ICURO has implemented Omniverse applications for consumer product innovation, world’s fastest edge AI system-on-chip Xavier in delivering retail floor and shop floor edge systems along with AI vision platform for inventory, inspection, and mobile robots.

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Implementation Roadmap

Building and delivering an enterprise AI roadmap can divided into a three-step process. Step one begins with strategic goals and opportunity discovery process where AI can enhance, automate, and accelerate. Step two lays out the foundation to define intelligent workflows for key business actions and value realization. Step three brings you closer to a constantly learning enterprise that adapts to business changes and delivers strategic growth outcomes.