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Systems Portfolio

  • Autonomous Sanitizing Robot
  • Hands-free Authentication
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • HVAC Ultraviolet Lights
  • Contact Tracing System
  • Voice Assisted Appliances

Autonomous Sanitizing Robot

Ensuring a sanitized indoor environment is the top priority as businesses welcome back employees and customers on premises. The autonomous sanitizing robot is capable to sanitize frequently touched surfaces and shared spaces both efficiently and thoroughly. With a visible and continuously self-sanitizing measures in place, people may feel more aware of the company’s efforts to keep them safe, giving them more ease as they navigate the buildings and facilities.

We have designed an affordable artificial intelligence (AI) powered mobile robot for precision sanitization of any indoor area. For any commercial buildings, facilities, offices, restaurants, and schools, our robot can sanitize with a fog spray of the disinfectant solution while navigating around tables, chairs, or fixed objects. Here are some of the key features of this robot.

  • Sanitizing fog particle size is below 10 microns to avoid residue on the floor, furniture, or your equipment
  • AI machine vision targets sanitizing fog coverage on human touch surfaces of tables, chairs, door handles, window blinds
  • AI sensors detect and classify most common objects in an indoor environment with a 94% accuracy
  • AI machine learning feature for identifying new objects at your specific workplace location
  • Cameras and real-time alert feature allows for sanitization to pause when people enter in the area
  • Five gallon disinfectant liquid capacity for coverage area above 40,000 square feet without refill
  • Intuitive dashboard app for user to specify ‘no-go’ zones
  • Robot fleet management and routing customization through enterprise grade apps
  • Extended battery capacity for longer operational time, and autonomous charging station

Autonomous sanitizing robots also reduces exposure for janitorial staff, allowing them to focus on other areas of the office that require more manual cleaning. While there are many short-term fixes to accommodate cleanliness and social distancing in shared spaces, long-term investment to a clean and sanitized facilities can change the employee and customers’ perception of a business. A higher workplace satisfaction among employees also has positive effects on the bottom line, meaning the implementation of an effective sanitization effort can indirectly benefit profitability.

Hands-free Authentication

As the first point of entry in all buildings, lobbies will play a critical role when it comes to fighting the spread of Covid-19. With our hands-free authentication system enabled in lobbies, it will screen employees for health, facilitate authorized entry, and enable social distancing. For employees, safety measures have clearly become high stakes. Many workers would not feel safe to return without mandatory measures taking place. Pre-entry health screens and staggered entrance times can send a message that an employer is taking safety seriously. By implementing and enforcing this comprehensive authentication system, employers can create a more positive experience, reduce anxiety, and promote productivity.

Hands-free authentication system has three components. First component is the facial authentication system which uses a camera to sign-in for employees and visitors automatically using machine learning techniques. The authentication process can be done in less than one second per person which is very efficient and convenient. Second component is the visual checklist for Covid-19 compliance that ensures the employees are made aware of social distancing and other requirements within the facilities. And third component is the wall-mounted thermometer to measure and display temperature to complete the entry process. Together, they will ensure safety and give employees and customers a peace of mind when entering the building.

Covid-19 could become cyclical, by placing all the safety measures in place can improve the overall health of the workforce and, as a result, improve overall productivity. Hands-free authentication system provides comprehensive, vast benefits to employees and customers, while being more cost-effective for businesses.

Threat Intelligence

Cybersecurity has inevitably evolved from an operational concern to the chief executives’ top priorities. A failure to do so will have major financial and reputational consequences. 3D LiDAR and video intelligence are allowing forward-thinking companies to measure what was once unmeasurable and refine their operations with new data. By leveraging these advanced technologies, large enterprises are creating smart and secure spaces both inside and outside the buildings, facilities, and campuses, and improving both system security and worker safety. These capabilities are accelerating their progress towards securing both physical and digital assets, putting them ahead of the competition.

We deliver AI systems embedding adaptive intelligence-enabled cyber threat detection and remediation solutions beginning with edge devices. Because threats evolve quickly, we provide customizable threat intelligence, letting enterprises choose real-time threat intelligence sources that fit their needs. These capabilities are proven in multiple industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and smart cities.

The technical architecture integrates advanced machine learning techniques, edge AI processors, and advanced sensor networks. With people, machines, devices, and sensors interconnected via internet, the more things that are online, the more entry points there will be to access and disrupt a system. Hackers constantly find new ways to attack cyber-physical systems and protocols. Augmenting the expertise of cyber professionals, artificial intelligence systems are learning how to monitor unstructured data to detect risks before they emerge. As it continues to learn real-time, these collaborative intelligent systems will be more adept at detecting the difference between a computer glitch and a malicious attack, alleviating the need for security analysts to waste their valuable time on wild goose chases.

Collaborative Intelligence Space

Collaborative intelligence is where the future of work lies. It has come with a new realm of possibilities applying artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock better decision making and facilitate better outcomes. For an enterprise to survive in today's constantly evolving marketplace, there is a heightened need to embrace collaborative intelligence. To take full benefit of collaboration, organizations need to learn how humans can most effectively work together with computer systems and intelligent machines and how to re-build business processes to support the collaboration. This will help provide you with the right information and insights you need to quickly make decisions to have more time and headspace for productive, meaningful tasks. When human workers and artificial intelligence work together, it will make administrative tasks less tedious and decision making easier.

We have launched platform where humans and artificial intelligence collaboration is meant to actively facilitate each other’s complementary strengths. It consists of the following key features.

  • Face recognition for sign in
  • Enterprise code editors
  • Live enterprise lab access
  • White boards and live streams
  • Conversational scribing and emailing
  • Video and audio productivity tools

The possibilities afforded by collaborative intelligence are enormous and these are now really driving to shape the future of work in numerous ways. This platform can be quickly custom implemented for each and every organization meeting the enterprise security standards and guidelines.

HVAC Ultraviolet Lights

In addition to stressing the importance of social distancing and handwashing to fight COVID-19, businesses can improve air quality by properly installing and maintaining existing air filtration systems. Approximately 75% of the air in the office is recirculated and filtered indoor air. As a result, air filtration systems and humidity controls are top of mind for building management and companies.

We provide wireless sensors which are integrated with existing Heating Venting and Cooling (HVAC) system to track effective functioning of UV lights installation in ducts. These control sensors on HVAC is also used by our autonomous sanitizing robots to turn off the HVAC automatically when these robots are dispatched to the workplaces and turns on the HVAC when robots completed the routine sanitization. We facilitate the compliance with American HVAC engineers and CDC guidelines and recommend system upgrades include supplying clean air to susceptible occupants, containing contaminated air and/or exhausting it outdoors, diluting the air in space with clean and filtered outdoor air, and cleaning the air within a room.

Contact Tracing System

A secure and effective system for contract tracing is critical to disparate workforces in the midst of a pandemic. Particularly in the case of someone receiving a positive diagnosis, notifying those who were in prolonged contact with that person while maintaining confidentiality will be vital to preventing an outbreak. With a reliable and working contact tracing system, employers will be able to keep their employees safe, reduce their liability in case of an office infection and employees will feel protected.

We offer contract tracing system that ensures employees and visitors safety by using existing WiFi network in a building or campus. Our system can accurately pinpoint location and identify the infected person’s contact with other people in a building or campus. Major advantages over existing apps offered by other providers, by physically mapping areas visited by infected people and dispatching our robots to sanitize an exact location. Once the system identifies the infected person, it can automatically set to notify others who have come into contact with that individual. If someone in the office reports a positive Covid-19 or influenza test, co-workers can go into the map and see if they were ever seated nearby.

Voice Assisted Appliances

When returning to work, kitchen and break room soon will be the high traffic-areas during lunch time. The voices assisted appliances will help employees feel more safe to eat their meals as the appliances will require less cleaning with harsh chemicals which will prevent contamination to meals. The main advantage with voice activated appliances is that they use one of the most natural of human behaviors to command, interact, and monitor your appliances. Speaking is something almost everyone can do, and it requires no learning curve.

Our systems integrate existing appliances with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri to control appliances with just your voice. These appliances can range from coffee maker, water dispenser, microwave, etc.

Reopen your buildings safely, healthy, and sustainable!

COVID-19 pandemic has led to massive changes in the way people work that will have long-lasting implications for all business operations and workplaces. As we continue to learn more about the virus, no one system has emerged as a standalone prevention method. Every building has to implement a new set of protocols to ensure health and safety of people.

And as many businesses are preparing to reopen, the fully integrated hardware and software systems from ICURO can ensure people safety, healthy working environment, and giving employees and customers peace of mind. View below our holistic portfolio of AI systems: