About Us

Our company name 'I' stands for Intelligence and Latin word "CURO" means caring for people; embodies our mission towards empowering people to lead the age of intelligence


Our Mission

Our core value is people first.

Our mission is advancing people passion and growth.

Our purpose is delivering boundless impact to communities and businesses through emerging technologies.

Who We Are

Silicon Valley headquartered company recognized for addressing AI holistically: strategic business model through to fully integrated AI systems deployment.

Industry recognized AI platforms for delivering enterprise growth outcomes across multiple industries and markets.

Transforming lives in Silicon Valley

Our team is committed in enhancing computer literacy and empowering under-served individuals with technology enabled jobs in the neighborhoods of Silicon Valley.

ICURO partners with CityTeam to train the residents with basic technical skills to earn entry level jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. The job readiness technical education for the residents include hands-on data annotation skill development essential for employability in artificial intelligence.

ICURO partners with United Against Poverty Pandemic to train and employ low-income people in Santa Clara county of California. Both in-person mentoring and on-the-job-training are provided to the low-income people for earning better paying jobs in the communities they live in.