Bringing Autonomous Manufacturing Closer to Reality

Autonomous systems present global manufacturers with an opportunity to enhance quality, increase productivity, and drive performance


Manufacturing AI with hardware innovation is the technological evolution

Strategic Business Actions

Product Quality Intelligence

While manufacturers across the globe embark on industry 4.0 journey, they do bear in mind that it is not going to be smooth sailing. The supply of defect-free, high-quality products is an important success factor for the long-term competitiveness of manufacturing companies. The increasing challenges of rising product variety and complexity add to high inspection volumes[…]

Smart Maintenance and Operations

Production facility managers typically use corrective maintenance which is costly in terms of downtime, labor use, working capital, and unscheduled maintenance. The cost of machine downtime is high: according to the International Society of Automation, $640 billion is lost every year. Also, at a plant level a typical factory loses between 5% and 20% of its manufacturing capacity due to downtime.[…]

Warranty Analytics

Warranty repairs are often viewed by manufacturing businesses as liability as they cost the manufacturer in cash to pay for warranty service and replacement parts. However, warranty repairs also provide information that a manufacturer can use to improve its understanding of its products, its finances, its suppliers and third-party OEMs, and its customers.[…]

Waste Reduction

Global manufacturers are on a journey to transition from waste reduction to wealth creation. The global manufacturing industry is estimated to be worth $40 trillion. While its waste accounts for 20% which is significantly high,  classical statistical methods and experience-based decision rules have failed in highlighting deficiencies in waste management.[…]

Implementation Roadmap

Building and delivering an enterprise AI roadmap can divided into a three-step process. Step one begins with strategic goals and opportunity discovery process where AI can enhance, automate, and accelerate. Step two lays out the foundation to define intelligent workflows for key business actions and realization of benefits. Step three brings you closer to a constantly learning enterprise that adapts to business changes and delivers strategic growth outcomes.