While digital technology advancements continue to disrupt the high tech industry, the critical success factors in this digital environment is determined by how businesses adapt to these changes. High tech companies that differentiate themselves are the ones that build their products and solutions, digitize channels and streamline business processes based on the needs of their end customers and partners. High tech companies are now committed in building obsessive brand loyalty through sustained breakthroughs in both hardware and subscription-based software offerings delivering profitability and revolutionary customer experience.

ICURO leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to build and scale insights-as-a-service platform to help our clients digitize their existing processes. Customer care is reimagined with automated processes, wherein, customer issues get proactively resolved even before the end customer is aware of the issue. AI is being used in such situations to assist customer support services through chatbots and also offer cross-sell and up-sell business opportunities by leveraging AI based recommendation engine. Yield management is a variable pricing approach focused on predicting, influencing, and analyzing customer behavior in order to optimize revenue or profits from a fixed, time-limited resource. Yield management serve as a decision-making resource for marketing and operational tasks such as pricing, scheduling, product development, advertising, sales, distribution, human resource usage, and capacity planning. At ICURO, we determine the most efficient method to price and distribute inventory to reach each and every prospective consumer, every day, making real-time modifications as market circumstances change and with the consumer in mind. Yield management AI for high tech industry are driven with consumption analytics and economics. It pprovides the sales staff with knowledge about the customers purchasing history and quotation tools to avoid untraceable off-invoice discounting techniques and offers the visibility needed to succeed is critical to reducing revenue leakage.