Collaborative intelligence is where the future of work lies. It has come with a new realm of possibilities applying artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock better decision making and facilitate better outcomes. For an enterprise to survive in today’s constantly evolving marketplace, there is a heightened need to embrace collaborative intelligence. To take full benefit of collaboration, organizations need to learn how humans can most effectively work together with computer systems and intelligent machines and how to re-build business processes to support the collaboration. This will help provide you with the right information and insights you need to quickly make decisions to have more time and headspace for productive, meaningful tasks. When human workers and artificial intelligence work together, it will make administrative tasks less tedious and decision making easier.

We have launched platform where humans and artificial intelligence collaboration is meant to actively facilitate each other’s complementary strengths. It consists of the following key features.

  • Face recognition for sign in
  • Enterprise code editors
  • Live enterprise lab access
  • White boards and live streams
  • Conversational scribing and emailing
  • Video and audio productivity tools

The possibilities afforded by collaborative intelligence are enormous and these are now really driving to shape the future of work in numerous ways. This platform can be quickly custom implemented for each and every organization meeting the enterprise security standards and guidelines.