Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key driver in the evolution of life sciences ecosystem and the future of health. AI enabled applications and advanced machine learning capabilities are already helping companies thrive and widening the gap between companies that embrace these technologies and those waiting for the future. Transforming a life sciences organization means using data as an asset across the enterprise in a human-centered and trustworthy way.

Life science firms that maximize AI-enabled technologies across the value chain will gain a competitive advantage over their peers. ICURO team of life science practitioners are blending strategy and AI insights to create agile and trustworthy solutions, and rethinking business models so that our clients can more easily translate complicated unknowns into predictable outcomes. We are combining AI-enabled services, a common platform, and modular capabilities so that companies can embed interoperable AI technologies into the fabric of their business and reap value from the data and AI-enabled insights that flow seamlessly across the organization.

ICURO AI-powered clinical trial platform automates data management across the life cycle by creating structured, standardized, and digital data elements; accelerate clinical trials with an interoperable, intelligent, single source of the truth; intelligently interpret data elements to “feed” downstream systems and auto-populate required reports and analyses; streamline data-gathering and artifact creation tasks for clinical site investigators so they can focus on value-added services like patient engagement; and leverage the use of insights to improve the next trial.