Ensuring a sanitized indoor environment is the top priority as businesses welcome back employees and customers on premises. The autonomous sanitizing robot is capable to sanitize frequently touched surfaces and shared spaces both efficiently and thoroughly. With a visible and continuously self-sanitizing measures in place, people may feel more aware of the company’s efforts to keep them safe, giving them more ease as they navigate the buildings and facilities.

We have designed an affordable artificial intelligence (AI) powered mobile robot for precision sanitization of any indoor area. For any commercial buildings, facilities, offices, restaurants, and schools, our robot can sanitize with a fog spray of the disinfectant solution while navigating around tables, chairs, or fixed objects. Here are some of the key features of this robot.

  • Sanitizing fog particle size is below 10 microns to avoid residue on the floor, furniture, or your equipment
  • AI machine vision targets sanitizing fog coverage on human touch surfaces of tables, chairs, door handles, window blinds
  • AI sensors detect and classify most common objects in an indoor environment with a 94% accuracy
  • AI machine learning feature for identifying new objects at your specific workplace location
  • Cameras and real-time alert feature allows for sanitization to pause when people enter in the area
  • Five gallon disinfectant liquid capacity for coverage area above 40,000 square feet without refill
  • Intuitive dashboard app for user to specify ‘no-go’ zones
  • Robot fleet management and routing customization through enterprise grade apps
  • Extended battery capacity for longer operational time, and autonomous charging station

Autonomous sanitizing robots also reduces exposure for janitorial staff, allowing them to focus on other areas of the office that require more manual cleaning. While there are many short-term fixes to accommodate cleanliness and social distancing in shared spaces, long-term investment to a clean and sanitized facilities can change the employee and customers’ perception of a business. A higher workplace satisfaction among employees also has positive effects on the bottom line, meaning the implementation of an effective sanitization effort can indirectly benefit profitability.