Market leaders in high tech industry are already leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve unprecedented scale and speed in delivering results. AI enables companies to continuously learn how they can improve processes, enhance partnerships and gauge market forces. Global enterprises in the high tech industry are leveraging AI to reshape three core functions; making the business model predictive instead of reactive, using agile sprints to decrease time to market, creating an always-improving product development model.

ICURO has developed deep learning models that has enabled a new way of processing information, allowing electronics companies to create a data loop through which they continuously learn and improve business processes. And with real-time, predictive insight that illuminates internal operations and external market conditions, companies can take advantage of unforeseen opportunities to reshape the development of products, solutions, and services. High Tech enterprises need to harness the very things they offer customers: intelligence, responsiveness, and speed. The most advanced product development teams employ our AI systems to generate higher economies of scale, efficiency, and speed benefits in digital prototyping and co-creation of new products with customers.

Product portfolio management and analytics enables digital champions focus on achieving time-to-market and speed benefits. Adaption and yield management serves as a decision-making resource for marketing and operational tasks such as pricing, scheduling, product development, advertising, sales, distribution, human resource usage, and capacity planning, among others. Using AI to enhance demand prediction accuracy is the first step in removing obstacles to new product introduction. At ICURO, we apply artificial intelligence (AI) to develop and fine-tune propensity models that identify product line extensions and add-on items that provide the most profitable cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by product line, client group, and persona. AI launched the next generation of frameworks that improve product quality and flexibility in satisfying unique customization needs on every customer while reducing time-to-market.