Personalized Care Across the Full Lifecycle of Consumer

Digital health platforms are laying the foundation for the emerging consumer-centric health outcomes


Healthcare AI merges life sciences and
consumer-friendly technologies

Strategic Business Actions

Interactive Care Pathways

The Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) system focuses on the effectiveness of AI based on its ability ‘to explain’ decisions. We are extending this ‘ability to explain’ to deliver exceptional healthcare at affordable costs and patient convenience outside of traditional healthcare facilities. XAI framework drives clinical pathways based on machine learning algorithms[…]

Personalized Wellness Assistant

Intelligent appliances with multimedia capability have been emerging into our daily life. Our home is one of the most prominent environments where intelligent appliances and smart wearables are inter-connected to deliver personalized healthy choices. The modern lifestyle isn’t allowing people to spend time on cooking healthy food at home and develop personalized wellness plans.[…]

Clinical Trial Management

Artificial intelligence is a key next step in the evolution of life sciences companies and the future of health. AI-enabled applications, machine learning, and advanced analytics capabilities are already helping companies thrive and widening the gap between companies that embrace these technologies and those waiting for the future. Becoming an AI-fueled life science organization[…]

Medical Imaging Intelligence

There are many tasks AI can perform in the context of radiology. Some tasks will require just a medical image as input and will base the analysis purely on the pixels or voxels. Others will go one step further and will combine radiological images with information obtained from other sources. Combining medical images with other information can lead to insights that are not always easily to obtain for radiologists.[…]

Implementation Roadmap

Building and delivering an enterprise AI roadmap can divided into a three-step process. Step one begins with strategic goals and opportunity discovery process where AI can enhance, automate, and accelerate. Step two lays out the foundation to define intelligent workflows for key business actions and realization of benefits. Step three brings you closer to a constantly learning enterprise that adapts to business changes and delivers strategic growth outcomes.