Augmented Intelligence

Symphony of humans and AI working together

Augmented intelligence applications enhance the capabilities of humans by leveraging AI as a force multiplier that enables enterprises to do more with existing resources.

We build intelligent edge systems with machine learning, vision, and natural language processing and deployed augmented intelligence capabilities into enterprise products and services.

Edge AI System

Edge artificial intelligence (AI) system unlocks the business value of sensor data to deliver actionable intelligence at the edge of network, near the source of data. This edge AI computing architecture involve a large number of independent nodes that can autonomously execute business logic and computations, including security analytics, without a centralized authority. It acquires and analyzes real time data from senors and Internet of Things (IoT) based products and integrates sophisticated technologies such as advanced machine learning, security, and mobility on an edge computing processor. This reduces the communication bandwidth required between sensors and the central data center by performing advanced machine learning algorithms and intelligence generation at or near the source of data.

We deliver hardware and software platform that enables intelligence at the edge of the IoT while maintaining built-in support for cloud connectivity, services, and applications for industrial IoT, digital health, smart farming, and smart buildings. We have skillfully chosen the right sensors, devices, and machines to operate in a secured network. With a properly planned computing device and architecture, less data has to travel the network resulting in less bottlenecks freeing up the infrastructure. It includes the implementation of secure hash algorithms to enhance security of the edge network. The edge solution stack can be configured locally, with no intervention from the cloud but also knows when to use the cloud. We offer proven edge AI stack and tools for multiple use cases that allow enterprises to exploit and deploy the power and possibilities of the edge intelligence solutions.