“Economies of Scale is not enough for Enterprise AI; today enterprises are pioneering on Economies of Scope and Learning.”

Dr. Bernard Murphy, Chief AI Evangelist, ICURO

AI Live is industry's first collaborative intelligence platform connecting our team, strategic customers and partners to innovate and deliver economies of scope and learning for enterprises. It allows 24x7 access to fully integrated enterprise grade hardware and software located at our AI systems lab in Santa Clara. This fully integrated AI system environment unifies the power of distributed computing, distributed sensing, and distributed actuating for rapid development and deployment of enterprise AI applications. The live streaming channel provides remote access for over-the-air testing of machine learning software with hardware including semiconductor processors, sensors, and robotics in real world conditions.

This live streaming channel demonstrates another core feature of AI Live platform. It provides real-time remote testing and demonstration of a fully integrated AI system stack with autonomous navigation capabilities. The live performance of vision based machine learning systems and localization map systems are made available for hands-on testing in real world scenarios located at the AI systems lab in Santa Clara.

This live streaming channel demonstrates the capability to build, train, and deploy an object detection deep learning model from an enterprise AI use case. The remote access to AI systems stack are configured for real time applications running at AI systems labs. The lab also supports browser based control actions to run and test multiple use cases including object recognition, obstacle avoidance, security, and surveillance. Try it yourself now!

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